Aerial view photo showing the area affected by the Better Queensway regeneration

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Published on 07.08.2020

Another step closer…

In order to progress with the Queensway regeneration project, Porters Place Southend-on-Sea LLP took our final proposals to a full council. Councillors had the opportunity to debate details of the scheme and ensure that what was submitted in the final proposals was in line with the criteria set out in the procurement.

After a lengthy debate and much input from Councillors, we were pleased when our proposals for the project were approved. We now continue to the next stage, which is for the plans to be submitted for planning approval.

A strong theme which came through on the evening was how residents, the local and wider community and stakeholders, were keen to see a new Queensway Estate. The plans we have developed are for approximately 1,700 new homes, including new homes for secure tenants currently living on the estate, plus new additional affordable housing for Southend-on-Sea and private sale homes for local buyers.

As part of the next steps, James Colwell, our Community Activation Officer, will be hosting a series of Resident Steering Group meetings with a group of residents to present design ideas, community areas and public space options. Feedback will be listened to and taken on board for the next round of consultation which will take place in August.

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