scan_ctreadwell_2021-11-08-12-43-40 Skye CROPPED

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scan_ctreadwell_2021-11-08-12-43-40 Skye CROPPED

Published on 01.10.2021

WINNER: Design a home for the birds, bees and butterflies at BQ

We recently asked children ages 5-16 years living on the Queensway estate to design a home for the birds, bees and butterflies onto a backdrop of one of Better Queensway’s many parks.

Thank you to all those who took part. Local art gallery, Focal Gallery, have been looking through the final entries to make a tough decision on one winner and one runner up.

A huge congratulations to Skye on her winning design and both Kai and Aritha as runners up!

Skye won a £30 Love2shop voucher last month. Both runners up also received a £20 voucher each. See below the winning design and stay tuned for the announcements of our competition winners from the autumn resident newsletter…

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